At Reservoir Financial, we offer a full range of personalized financial advisory services that are focused on your needs and aspirations. These end to end services help ensure that you stay on the path to financial success without the conventional stress and worry associated with financial planning and wealth management. Our services can be broadly categorized into three main branches:

  • Power Product Advisory
  • Goal-Based Planning
  • Long-Term Financial Planning

Find out more in detail about our three distinct offerings mentioned below to help you decide what services suit your needs the most.

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    Reservoir Power Product Advisory

    Are you looking for transparent and unbiased advice? Searching for a financial product that’s best for you? Reservoir Power Product Advisory offers specialized advice on financial products available through our alliances with more than 100 leading financial services companies in India.

    These products range from asset management and liabilties, insurance products to provide health and general protection to specialized financial products such as mutual funds and investments. Our team will take the time to understand your requirements and offer the best solution.

    We can help you take a close look at your overall financial situation, risk tolerance, your goals, and offer ideas and product recommendations after an exhaustive and unbiased research.


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    Reservoir Goal-based Financial Planning

    Are you preparing to buy a home? Planning for your children’s education? Planning for your retirement? Reservoir Goal-Based Planning service is focused on helping you achieve your dreams and financial goals.

    Our team focuses on your specific dream — whether big or small. That is why we listen and let you take charge. Your personal Reservoir Financial advisor will help you achieve your goals through a personalized plan and strategy dedicated to fulfilling your dream. Goal-based financial planning will help you understand where to begin and how to start working towards a specific goal you want to achieve. Working with an advisor can help you determine how much you’ll need to put away based on your specific goal, priorities and situation.


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    Reservoir Vision Comprehensive Financial Planning

    Are you starting off on a path to achieve financial freedom? Looking for a knowledgeable advisor for managing different aspects of your finances? Reservoir Vision Long-Term Financial Planning provides you with a comprehensive approach to address a diverse set of long-term financial objectives and paves the way towards a secure future.

    This service is based on a long-term, one-to-one relationship with an advisor and involves a comprehensive, ongoing approach to managing all areas of your financial life. It begins with you — your needs, dreams and goals. Our team takes a holistic view of your financial situation and provides personalized advice to meet your needs. The progress is also tracked over time and adjustments are made to your plan along the way based on your evolving needs.


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