Reservoir Financial is one of the top financial planning and wealth management firms in India. Our unique Dream Plan Action approach is not just numbers, it’s a mix of both science and art. Our large panel of financial experts along with years of experience in the wealth management industry have established us as one of the most trusted financial advisory brands in India.

We believe that astute financial planning can be a powerful tool that can help you carve out a better future for you and your loved ones. We understand that everyone has a unique set of needs and requirements when it comes to planning for their future. This is why our team takes the time to understand you and the personal nature of your goals and ambitions. At Reservoir Financial, it is our constant endeavour to help you convert your dreams into reality by developing a personalized strategy and approach that is constantly evolved with a focus to adapt to your long-term plans and asprations.

Our Unique Process

At Reservoir Financial, we always put our client first. That's an approach each member of our team believes in. We take the time to understand your dreams and work along with you to achieve it, because our goal is to help you reach yours. We are committed to personalized financial planning because we believe it is the best way to help you succeed.

Our team considers all aspects of your finances — from cash and liabilities to investments and protection — as well as market and economic conditions. We use a proven approach that has been refined over the years to maximize gains and minimize risks.

Reservoir Financial values full transparency and objectivity at all stages. This is reflected in the way we make our selections and recommendations. Each facet of our plan is backed by analytical data and scientific methodologies. We constantly monitor all portfolios and adapt our recommendations to suit your evolving needs. Our team regularly reviews the market for new products and recommends them on the basis of their features, benefits and performance. Periodically, through our monthly newsletter, you will also receive latest insights into various aspects of personal finances, commentary on financial markets, and more.

Our Panel of Professionals

Reservoir Financial has an extended panel that consists of a diverse range of professionals dedicated to assist you at each stage. Equipped with globally recognized certifications and accreditations, our highly trained team of experts combines experience with technology and strives for your personal financial success. Our team comprises of:

  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Reservoir Financial Advisor
  • Research Team
  • Industry Veterans
  • Market Experts