We seek to bridge the gap between the grade levels and RC Levels of the kids from underprivileged communities by pro-actively participating in the pre-primary and primary age groups.

Maths Magic

Help For Humanity aspires to instill numeracy and operational skills in mathematics by educating kids at 1st or 2nd grade level to ensure that basic skills are built and learnt in the early years of a student's life.

Financial Literacy

We endeavour to establish familiarity with basic financial concepts and provide a deeper understanding of financial products among marginalized and poor sections of the society.

Digital Empowerment

In Line with the Digital India Government Scheme, our programs aim to provide exposure and availability of digital resources to all segments of the Indian population to help tap better opportunities.


AAO Khelein - The Sports Initiative

We aim to use the medium of sports to help inculcate strong values such as leadership and teamwork into children and youth belonging to underprivileged sections of the society. Due to a severe lack of infrastructure, talent is often overlooked and ignored.

Sports have the intrinsic ability to affect positive change and also reduce the barriers of inequality. The use of sports in our activities allow students to not only become better sportspeople but also better individuals by grasping concepts like sportsmanspirit, playing by the rules and equality.

Our projects provide a platform for students to not only learn through sports but also get an opportunity to harness their skills in a more productive fashion.

Sustainable Livelihood

Respectable Living through Independent Earning

Designed to empower the underprivileged communities especially amongst women and youth to be able to earn a respectable livelihood. We aim to make them financially independent by providing them training in occupational skills, credit counselling, financial literacy and market linkages. These skills enable individuals to pursue a wide gamut of professional career options and a make a name for themselves.

Our programs aim to offer a platform to showcase skills and transform hobbies into means of sustainable income. These activities in turn help individuals utilize their resources and earnings to provide a better life for their family and loved ones.