About Help For Humanity

Help For Humanity is a non-profit organization focusing on creating an environment of equal opportunities for different sections of the society. Working primarily on four areas of importance, we strive to assist a large strata of the Indian population.

Our initiatives seek to impart valuable lessons in basic reading, writing and arithmetic to underprivileged children. We also aspire to transform men and women belonging to weaker sections of the community into financially independent skilled professionals. Our relief programs include numerous food and clothing drives, donations and medicinal assistance for individuals in need.

Our logo signifies the joining of hands, in relation with our tagline, Joining hands for a better tomorrow. Each hand color is based on our key focus area – pink for women empowered related issues, orange for education/kid related campaigns and brown for helping the underprivileged sections of the society. The image of letter H resonates with our vision of spreading prosperity while making people achieve their dreams and lastly the green dot emphasizes our support to cleanliness related campaigns being led by Government of India. Further, it reflects our approach of working within the system rather than creating a parallel system, leading to strengthening and facilitating of existing capacity building endeavors.


Foster an empowered society that provides equal access to opportunities for everyone and enables all sections of society a chance to realize their dreams


Mobilize resources and encourage people from varied communities to come together and collaborate for the betterment of society as a whole

Core Values

  • Integrity - We pursue honorable initiatives in a way that is honest, transparent and ethical
  • Empowerment - We go beyond providing a quick fix for an individual situation; rather we strive for sustainable communal solutions
  • Equity - We focus our solutions to narrow down the inequity between the people thus making the opportunities more conducive to success

Our Team

Sneha Singh


Sneha Singh is an Indian Business woman and the founder member of Help for Humanity. With her passion for interior designing and a strong financial acumen she has been serving on the leadership teams of renowned organizations and start-ups across the Design & Financial Industry. During her corporate journey of more than a decade she has been advocating responsible social citizenship to corporates. Her major areas of interest have been women empowerment, education for the underprivileged and helping communities achieve a sustainable livelihood. She also supports various organizations personally and while partnering education of underprivileged children from slums she felt the urge to answer the challenges of the social & development sector of Indian economy and thus got inspired to incorporate Help For Humanity. During her last assignment she established the wealth and advisory business for Reservoir Financial Private limited as a Director.

Arti Singh


Arti Singh, born in 1960, is an Indian social worker who has been serving the society for more than Three Decades now. She has successfully led various projects under her able leadership with major focus on poor sections of the society. She has been instrumental in giving help to those who need it the most, raising the bar of humanity with each effort. She has been spreading happiness by distributing clothes, blankets and food not only to the poorer but also to the highly neglected individuals of the society viz. lepers. Recently she has been working on the project of creating an equal opportunity of worship to the underprivileged at the magnificent Ganga Arti of Varanasi.

Praveen Chopra


Praveen Chopra a resident of East Delhi since 40 years and a Real Estate Advisor by profession, he has been very active socially and has left no stone unturned to live up to his ideology of serving humanity and giving back to the society. Apart from his various professional commitments he has been constantly arranging lunch events at least Bi-monthly for the poor as a grand occasion making it dignified for the receiver rather than the giver. Apart from this he has been helping people to achieve their materialistic dreams too by subsidizing their cost to them.

Vikas Garg


Vikas Garg is a young entrepreneur and Architect by profession. At a young age itself he has brought to his laurels the associations with numerous landmark projects throughout India creating a design work portfolio specializing in Townships, Group Housings, Commercial Offices & IT Parks. Some of the prestigious projects include Homestead MSWT-Gurgaon, Supertech IT Park- Noida, Nand Vilaas-Luxury Township-Nathwada-Udaipur and many more. With Help For Humanity, he aspires to bring the much needed innovation and design thinking to the social and development sector of India.