At Reservoir Financial, we offer a wide gamut of products covering all categories and financial institutions. Find out more about the available products below.

Life & Non Life Insurance
Life is uncertain. As once a wise man once famously said the only things certain are death and taxes. Life insurance brings a degree of certainty and assurance. By paying small 'premiums' during your productive years, you are ensuring that your family and the people who depend on your capacity to earn, have a financial cushion if they outlive you. We, at Reservoir Financial help you to choose the best Insurance policy which suits best to your needs & requirements.

Financial Planning
All of us have some dreams in life – be it buying a dream home, a car, children’s education, their marriage, travelling abroad for leisure, retirement and many others. In parlance to personal finance, all these are financial goals; because after all, along with emotions they carry a monetary value. Our experience narrates that many people often have infinite financial goals with limited income. They don’t know where to start from for achieving these goals and which path to follow. While being ambitious is good, it is vital that you know the path you are travelling on, for you to reach the desired destination. We, at Reservoir Financial offer you Holistic Financial plans, which help you convert your dreams into reality.

Real Estate
We believe that real estate is an important asset class to include in our clients’ portfolios. Cash flowing commercial real estate provides our clients with stable cash flow and inflation-adjusted returns in Indian real estate markets. Our clients collectively enjoy the benefits of owning hard asset real estate in a diversified portfolio which can be expensive, and difficult for many investors to acquire individually.

Estate Planning & Legal Advisory
Estate Planning permits you to protect your wealth and transfer it to future generations. We offer a wide range of products and well-thought approach to transfer your assets to the next generation according to your objectives and wishes. Estate planning services are provided through referral tie-ups with professional firms / institutions, to know more details reach out to our financial advisors. These estate planners provide clients, peace of mind by ensuring their estate is in order and their loved ones will always be taken care of. The professional team comprises of investment, banking and legal experts who provide clients specialized advice in all areas of estate planning.

Tour Advisory
We provide customized travel services in all directions, from premium luxury hotels to holiday packages, all of which cover both domestic and international destinations. With an enthusiastic and an experienced team, we strive to do our best , and are committed to ensuring a dream travel to all our guests. We offer best prices, at any time and we believe that each travel plan has to be the best, from the most elementary to the most consequential aspects of travel are looked into with utmost care. We create specialized travel packages like family holidays, honeymoons, group and series tours, meetings, incentives, conventions, technical visits, golfing tours, sporting trip's, special interest packages such as senior citizen tours and women only tours.

Mutual Funds
We deal with various version mutual fund schemes and suggest as per the requirement of the customer. We help customers to create wealth through mutual fund investing. We offer you ‘low cost business model’ in a highly competitive and demanding Mutual Fund Industry.

Loan Against Securities and Properties
Investors in need of short term funds, can avail loans against their existing investments and properties in a hassle free manner from reputed service providers. Reservoir Financial can assist investors in meeting their funds requirements through this product offering.